Veselino Electro Project


Luka Veselinović was born in Rijeka, but currently resides in Zagreb. He plays the bass guitar and double bass.

After studying at the Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Veselinović attended many jazz workshops in Croatia and abroad as a self-thought musician. In 2011 he earned a scholarship for the Berklee College of Music and left for Boston. During his stay there, Veselinović launched the Veselino Jazz Project and recorded his first album – Magnetic Whale.

Having completed five semesters in Boston,Veselinović returned to Croatia, where he has contributed as a session musician to many albums, working simultaneously on his second album (Romantic Egg is Going Home), which he has been performing in many jazz festivals in and outside Croatia.

In a music collaboration with the two-time Grammy award-winning American hip hop band Arrested Development, Veselinović contributed to their 2018 album Craft and Optics (‘I Don’t See You at the Club’).

He initiated his most recent music project, Veselino Electro Project, around 20 years ago and has kept it on standby until now. Stylistically, Veselinović has remained loyal to improvisation and jazz, but he has also included vocals for simple leitmotifs, while percussions and funk fusion give the new songs a danceable quality. This project also includes music videos and animation available from You Tube and social networks.


Veselino Electro Project are:

Luka Veselinović – bass guitar, vocals

Mirsad Dalipi – drums, percussion

Nikola Šantek – keyboard, melodica

Domagoj Leljak – guitar