The Singrlice vocal group was formed in 2006 and it consists of young women who were previously members of different folklore ensembles.

Since their beginning, they have been signing with the motivation to take folk songs, as a historic dowry, out of their traditional context, and modernize them. This means that they perform traditional songs from Croatia with modern arrangements, using traditionand everything else relating to the past only as a starting point for achieving something new and upgraded.

Singrlice frequently perform on Croatian Radio-television shows, work with the most renowned performers in Croatia’s entertainment industry and can be seen or heard on different TV and radio shows. They are also five-time nominees for and two-time winners of the Porin music award for the best album of ethnic music.

They have recorded four albums so far, for Aquarius Records and Croatia Records.

Their leader Tomislav Jozić always tries to make Singrlice’s musical selection versatile, their sound authentic, and their performance fine, so they can take their audience on a unique musical journey through time, while showing how traditional songs can sound as if they were written in our time.

With their blend of traditional and contemporary, their charm and distinction, Singrlice guarantee you a good time and relaxing atmosphere!