Mister Buffo


This play brings one of the biggest challenges before an actor. A combination of comedy and tragedy, working to seduce us in the way that clowns, harlequins, and vagabonds do, the intense one hour will bring you enjoyment from the engaging playfulness of Dražen Šivak and the lucidity of Dario Fo.

Dario Fo, a great Italian actor and writer, was also an authority on the history of acting, particularly the tradition of itinerant players. For the purpose of Mistero Buffo he has compiled and adapted texts from medieval times – mystery plays which focused on stories from the Bible. At the time, using biblical stories the way he did caused a lot of problems for Dario Fo, but he accepted Vatican’s accusations of blasphemy as the best compliment he could get.


Director: Lee Delong

Translation:Tatjana Peruško

Performed by Dražen Šivak

Musician: Igor Dorotić


Co-production by Grupa and Triko Cirkus Teatar