Miracle Play of Life of St. Laurence The Martyr

Miracle Play of Life of St. Laurence The Martyr, stylization of traditional martyrdom of St. Lawrence, dramaturgically adapted and directed by Marin Carić, 47 years staged by the members of the Hvar Public Theatre, represents one of the two longest-running Croatian theatre productions (the first, of course, being the legendary Exercises in Style). Certainly. Born on the Island of Hvar, Carić staged Miracle Play of Life of St. Laurence The Martyr when he was Drama Academy freshman, in order to prove that good theatre can and should be close and understandable to everyone, starting with his fellow islanders.

Casts have been changing together with the generations of Hvar amateur actors.  The Hvar Public Theatre has some twenty actors, we can thus conclude that a great number of Hvar families have been related to this traditional and important story in one phase or another. This story which in its very root carries the answers to universal questions of sacrifice for the ideals and the preservation of moral principles and faith in real values in times of difficulties.