Linđo Folklore Ensemble’s Female Vocal Group


On the initiative of the Linđo Folklore Ensemble’s women dancers, Linđo’s female vocal group was formed in February 2000. Vedran Ivanković, a musician on the ensemble at the time, took on the leadership of this group and since then he has become a successful and awarded director of the klapa and of the ensemble’s choir.

Living the Dalmatian klapa song for the past 19 years, the group has given a series of concerts and performed at many musical and klapa festivals, concerts, competitions, and in radio and TV shows, both in Croatia and abroad.

Linđ0’s women klapa had its greatest success at the most prestigious competition for this kind of singing in Croatia – the Dalmatian Klapa Festival in Omiš. Out of total 19 awards won at this festival, the two most important ones are from 2009, when the group was voted best overall both by the expert judges and by the audience.



Lina Ivanković – 1st soprano

Ana Bačić Vukota – 2nd soprano

Luči Carević – 2nd soprano

Paula Lazarević – 1st alto

Margarita Dundić – 1st alto

Fani Favro Bukvić – 2nd alto

Marija Puljić – 2nd alto

Ivela Matičević – 2nd alto

Vedran Ivanković, leader