Klapa Stine Vocal Ensemble


Five friends make up the Klapa Stine vocal ensemble. While their characters differ in many ways, love of klapa singing and every pleasurable aspect of this distinctive part of the Dalmatian identity is what they all have in common. Apart from their longstanding friendship, it is klapa singing that bonds them strongly, as a language in which they understand each other best.

Four members of the ensemble are Dalmatian to the core, while their fifth friend is originally from the east of Croatia (Slavonija), but he is believed to have a Dalmatian soul.

Stine (‘Rocks’) was formed in January 2013 and since then it has performed in many cultural events and festivals across Croatia.

Their biggest achievements so far were the audience award at the 51st klapa singing festival in Omiš (FDK Omiš) in 2017 and the jury award at the same festival in 2018. In the same year, Stine also performed at the acclaimed klapa festival Aklapela, which takes place in Dubrovnik under UNESCO’s patronage.

Their repertoire mostly features traditional songs from Dalmatia, as well as music composed for them, and covers of popular songs.

Maestra Antonija Tomas is the director of this ensemble.

Members of Stine: Antonio Bogojević (1st tenor), Vedran Klisarić (2nd tenor), Roko Perić (baritone), Ivan Zaradić (bass), Marko Ivanov (bass)