Jelena Radan & Pedro Abreu


Jelena Radan (Zagreb, 1974) began her career in music as a teenager, singing in several bands before she got the chance to solo in the Sarajevskikrug musical. This musical was what took her and another 40 members of the cast to the stages of the VatroslavLisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb, of almost all theatres in Croatia, Theater an der Wien in Austria, and to venues in Scotland and North America.

Jelena Radan released her own album in 2003 (Nijekraj), followed by a live fadoalbum Moja potraga za fadom in 2005, another album in 2007 (Novi dan), and the Fado na Peristilu – Da Vida Quero Os Sinais (Od života želim znakove) CD and DVD in 2008. Two of her songs from Nije kraj got her nominations for a Croatian music award Porin.

In the late summer of 2005 Radan began her fado tour titled Moja potraga za fadom (My Quest for Fado).

In early 2010 she accepted an invitation from the director of ballet at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Irena Pasarić, and joined the ballet company for a modern ballet production directed and choreographed by Hugo VieraVariations in f.ado minor, in which she and two musicians she has been working with (Joško Tomić and Mario Stojan) were performing several fado songs live.

 A playtitled Femme Fadal – San o Amáliji Rodrigues u slikama kazališta sjena, directed by Morana Dolenc, had its premiere at the KNAP theatre in Zagreb in May 2012. It combined shadow puppetry with fado performed by Jelena Radan, and Pedro Abreu accompanying her onguitar.