Hotel Bulić Theatre: Dream of Life


Written by Jelena Svilar and Morana Foretić

Cast: Senka Bulić, Stipe Kostanić

Musicians: Neven Svilar, Mario Kovačević, PetarAleraj

Scene Design:Tomislav Ćurković

Costume Design: Oliver Jularić

Light Design: Nikša Mrkonjić

This biographical performance-style play about Patti Smith has come as a result of research of the complex relationship between Artist and Society. Patti was not only at the forefront of the punk revolution, nor only the symbol of a ‘different’ r’n’r. Patti has been the symbol of the fight for pure art. Following in the footsteps of Rimbaud, Whitman, and Jim Morrison, she was their sister in emotion, erudition, and force. What does re-enacting her groundbreaking body of work mean today? It means loving the present, the revolution, the force. Let us escape from the conventional and into poetry, into daring, in an equally poetic, musical and ethereal way!

The emergence of Patti Smith on New York’s art and music scene in the early 1970s was so powerful, her rise so fast and sudden, and her influence so strong that it is difficult to assess her role from today’s perspective. Considering the inflation of artists that make the portraying of a movement or stylistic period almost unimaginable, we are not going to devalue Patti Smith’s role with a tale of the standards that this rock icon has set for bands and music, which never would have seen the light of day without her.Instead, suffice it to say that in rock music’s baroque phase in the early 1970s, when rock blew itself out after around 15 years of experiments and constant rise, and when charts filled up with theatrical mannerists, the appearance of Patti Smith was so pure and unsparing in its straightforwardness that it took on dramatic contours. Also, the drama of poetic sincerity against the backdrop of theatrical dinosaurs then was and still is what makes her stand out from the myriad of different rock icons, who are insignificant today.

Patti Smith’s passion, her belief in herself, in her art, and in being on the right pathhas turned many away from this self-confident and talented compiler, but this fact precisely is crucial for her work, because iconoclasm has separated her from the prophetic lie and everything that others were reading into her character and her work.

With her memoir Just Kids Patti Smith has erased the last stereotype about the messianic role of poets and artists in a society that cares nothing about them.The play based on a text by JelenaSvilarandMoranaForetićfollows the genesis of an artist, the rise of creation from the spirit of the age. Like on some fascinating merry-go-round, we are seeing a gallery of characters taking turns in a kaleidoscopic artistic world where Robert Mapplethorpe, Sam Shepard, Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin meet as artists, ‘just kids’. They may not be important, but what grew out of them is: expression, performance, music as a mission,and as means of communicating with audience.

‘Through performance I reach such states in which may brain feels so open – so full of light, it feels huge, as big as the Empire State Building – andif I can develop a communication with an audience, a bunch of people, when my brain is that big and very receptive, imagine the energy and the intelligence and all the things I can steal from them.’