FiloSofía is the only band in the region making modern salsa music.Their album will be out in April 2019 and involved in its production are:

Darko Sedak-Benčić (Croatia), the concertmaster of Slovenia Radio-Television’s Big Band with a degree in music composition; on FiloSofia he does arrangements, plays the trumpet, sings, acts as the artistic leader and manages the band,

Miron Hauser (Croatia) – a composer, arranger, trombone player, singer of vocals and the conductor of Croatian Radio-Television’s Jazz Orchestra,

Luka Žužić (Croatia) – a rewarded composer, arranger, pianist and trombone player, as well as a member of Croatian Radio-Television’s Jazz Orchestra, and

Sofija Široka (Croatia) – the lead vocal and lyricist.


They have joined forces with these excellent musicians:

Aleš Avbelj (Slovenia) – a composer, arranger, bass guitarist, member of Slovenia Radio-Television’s Big Band,

Vid Ušeničnik (Slovenia) on percussion and drums,

Lázaro Amed Hierrezuelo (Cuba) as percussionist, violinist, singer of vocals, and

Mladen Ilić, a general authority on Latin American percussion.

The band plays salsa, rumba, danzón, cha-cha-cha, pachanga, mambo, mozambique, and bolero.