Male Vocal Group Galešnik

Having sung together since childhood at numerous festivities and growing up in Hvar, surrounded by Dalmatian songs, a group of friends decided to get serious about music and in the late 2002 they formed the a cappella group Klapa Galešnik.

In 2003 they performed at the evening of debut performers at the Festival of Dalmatian Klapa in Omiš, and ever since they have performed several times at the final evening of the most famous a capella competition.

Since then, their numerous performances have been constantly enriching the cultural life of Hvar. Their concerts have become a recognizable and essential symbol of the town of Hvar.

Their productive work resulted in their first album release in 2005.

Klapa has performed throughout Croatia and regularly transmits Dalmatian cultural heritage outside the borders of our country.

The artistic director of Klapa Galešnik is Professor Tomi Domančić.

20:00 — 20:45 (45′)

Church of the Holy Spirit (pavement)

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